Dragon Coloring Pages

We’ve got some of the best free printable dragon coloring pages for adults! You are going to love the detailed dragon coloring pages and creative designs of these mythical creatures.

Dragons are legendary creatures and many cultures around the world have celebrated the mighty beasts in folklore and fantasy stories. We have multiple types of dragons represented in these coloring pages, so there’s a little something for everyone.

Adults, teens, and older kids will enjoy these fierce fire-breathing dragon coloring pages. I hope you enjoy coloring these mysterious creatures.

These printables are for personal use only. Please do not reshare or sell these pages or appropriate action will be taken.

Dragon Head Coloring Page

This horned dragon ready to breathe fire is offset by some fantastic geometric designs. This is a great, detailed coloring page, perfect for people who like to do finer work. This is the perfect scary dragon coloring page!

Dragon head coloring page.

Chinese Dragon Coloring Pages

This fantastic Chinese dragon coloring page is incredibly detailed. This snake-like creature with four legs (called a loong) symbolizes auspicious powers over water. This Asian dragon sheet would be a fun coloring page for Chinese New Year!

Curled Chinese dragon with patterns coloring page.

Middle Eastern Dragon Coloring Page

This cool design is reminiscent of Middle Eastern composite-style mythological creatures with eagle wings, lizard heads, and lion bodies. It’s surrounded by intricate geometric designs.

Aramaic style dragon coloring page.

Cute Dragon Coloring Page

This long-necked dragon with a mouth full of teeth and fun wings is a cuter coloring sheet. It’s still full of detailed patterns that will keep you engaged. Kids of all ages will enjoy this one!

Dragon with long neck coloring page.

Winged Dragon Coloring Page

This massive winged dragon with a spiky tail is lots of fun to color! Get creative with the wings or the many geometric shapes in this coloring sheet. Older children will have fun with this one too.

Dragon with large wings and geometric patterns coloring page.

Storybook Horned Dragon Coloring Page

This classic Western-style dragon is usually what we picture when we think of fairytales. The huge horns and crafty eyes stand out on this ferocious dragon. This is a fun page for anyone wanting to color a more traditional dragon.

Ancient dragon in a frame coloring page.

Long Serpent Winged Dragon Coloring Page

This evil creature is a delight to color! With a long scaly body and large wings, this serpent-like dragon is incredibly detailed and great for creative coloring.

A long serpent like dragon with wings coloring page.

Dragon Dance Coloring Page

This coloring page depicts a detailed dragon that would be used in a Chinese dragon dance, done by a team of dancers with a large dragon puppet.

It’s symbolic of good luck, wisdom, and auspiciousness. Have fun coloring this exciting page!

Dragon dance coloring page.

Detailed dragon coloring page.


This concludes our collection of free dragon coloring pages, and I hope you’ve found at least one dragon you’d like to color!

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