Adult Coloring Pages of People

We’ve got several free coloring pages of people for you! This list includes several more realistic coloring pages of women and men.

Coloring is great for stress relief and creativity. These free printable coloring pages are a great way to relax. Coloring has been shown to increase fine motor skills and encourage focus – which is important for busy adults and teens in our hectic world!

Coloring actually allows you to relax the fear center of your brain (source) and enter a state of mindful quietness. Let your creativity run wild with these blank coloring pages.

These printables are for personal use only. Please do not reshare these pages for commercial use or sell these pages or appropriate action will be taken.

Beautiful Woman Coloring Page

This lovely woman with braided hair coloring pages is one of our favorite coloring pages – the details in her hair are so fun to color!

A coloring page of a beautiful woman with braided hair.

Braided Crown of Hair Coloring Page

This beautiful lady is wearing a braided crown of hair – get creative with colors and have fun designing her look.

A coloring page of a woman with braided crown of hair.

Woman with Long Hair Coloring Page

This fantastic coloring page of a woman with long wavy hair is so fun to color!

A beautiful woman with long hair coloring page.

Man Wearing a Suit Coloring Page

This guy in a suit has total boss vibes. Have fun coloring his striped suit and tie. This is a perfect coloring page for people who like more detail and are looking for a page with an older adult.

Handsome man wearing a suit coloring page.

Woman in Kimono with Parasol Coloring Page

This is my favorite coloring page of a person. This detailed picture of a Japanese woman in a kimono with an umbrella is so beautiful and fun to color. Get creative with the design of the kimono and parasol!

Woman in kimono with parasol coloring page.

Friendly Guy Coloring Page

This smiling man is easy to color and gives you lots of room for creativity as his shirt and the background are a blank canvas for you to design!

A coloring page with the face of a friendly guy.

Woman in Florals Coloring Page

This striking woman with wavy hair and a flower crown is surrounded by beautiful roses that are so fun to color!

A woman with wavy hair and a flower crown coloring page.

Floral Woman Coloring Page

This beautiful lady is surrounded by florals and wearing pretty flowers in her hair.

A lady surrounded by florals wearing a flower crown coloring page.

Woman with Rose Flower Crown Coloring Page

This lovely woman with a rose flower crown in her hair is a fun coloring page!

A woman wearing a rose flower crown coloring page.

Tips for Printing Coloring Pages

  • Printer Type – A laser printer will give you cleaner results and sharper lines, but an inkjet will work as well.
  • Paper Type – You can always use regular printer paper, but a thicker card stock may give you a better coloring experience. If you want to save or gift the page, I recommend using heavier-weight paper.
  • Dry Time – If you are using an inkjet printer, be sure to give your ink time to dry before you start coloring. You don’t want to smudge the lines with your hand.

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